Documentation of fortran extensions to Sphinx


This package provides two Sphinx ( extensions to the Fortran (90) language:

  • sphinxfortran.fortran_domain: Sphinx domain for fortran.
  • sphinxfortran.fortran_autodoc: Auto-documenting fortran code.


This package has the same license as VACUMM ( from which it originates: CeciLL-A (, which is compatible with the GPL.


The sphinx and numpy packages.


Using pip:

pip install sphinx-fortran

From sources:

git clone
cd sphinx-fortran
python install

You can download sources also from the forge at IFREMER:

Quick start

  1. Add this extension to your sphinx

  2. List you fortran source files in the variable fortran_src of your

  3. Generate their documentation in rst files using directives like:

    .. f:automodule:: mymodule

Bugs and requests

Please go to this GitHub page:


Stephane Raynaud (stephane.raynaud(at)

Thanks: Thomas Gastine

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